Constant quality - Less cost

RoboDoP is an autonomous robotic camera tailored for multi-camera event production. Every unit can take over object following, framing and focusing tasks, delivering a dynamic multi-view production at with more than 30% cost reduction. Developed at the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH Zurich and trained at Zurich University of the Arts the AutonomTM unit guarantees Swiss quality, reliability and precision.

Vision Intelligent

Real-time segmentation of the event scene and position tracking in 3D for distinct objects.

"Das fliegende Auge"

Adaptive model-based motor controllers take care of pan-tilt movements optimizing accuracy, smoothness and sound.


Frame sequences are constantly analyzed to determine the optimal framing based on object movement.

Machine Learning

After every use, units store metadata to train and evolve all control and vision analysis algorithms.

Huge brain

Embedded with a state-of-the-art GPU single-board computer to take care of first layer frame analysis

Object-locked focus pulling

Real-time 3D position and image sharpness measurements enable object-locked focus pulling.

Perfect object framing


Object detection


Depth image



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