The lawyers have spoken

Our patent attorneys have forbidden us to continue to post news, so we will discontinue our blog for the time being.

Manning cameras with operators is often too expensive for productions and as a result static shots are chosen to increase the number of perspectives of a stage. Whenever moving objects are involved static shots are clearly inferior to dynamic ones since objects are never at the optimal framing point. To resolve this problem, Seervision has developed automated robotic solution (robotic camera) for video production companies based on state-of-the-art neural networks, predictive model-based control and machine learning. ...

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Startup Speed Dating @ ETH Entrepreneur Club

The Startup Speed Dating lets students dive into the world of entrepreneurship and startups connect with the highly qualified and ambitious students. This is the hub for exchange between students and startups.

We have made it onto the Swiss Artificial Intelligence Startup Map!

Every Quarter Swisscom publishes a market overview of different startups in the fields of Regtech, Fintech, and now for the first time, Artificial intelligence (AI). 100 Swiss AI startups have been identified on the map.

In their Q4 release, Swisscom has presented a market overview of 100 artificial intelligence startups categorised into 13 categories. These included; AdTech, Sales & CRM, Agriculture, Business Intelligence, FinTech & InsurTech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Image Recognition, LegalTech, Machine Intelligence, Mobility, Robotics, Security, Speech Recognition and Virtual Assistants/Chatbots.

To be placed on the AI map, startups must meet the following Criteria; the startup must have been founded within the last seven years with its headquarters in Switzerland, it must focus on disruptive technological or service innovations with a clear focus on artificial intelligence, and must have a scalable business model.

The startups on the map are as presented the map include:

Swisscom AI startup Map

Prior to the release of the AI map, Swisscom released a map comprising of 22 RegTech startups in the field of: Authentication, AML / KYC, Background Check, Crossborder & Tax Solutions, Enterprise Risk Management / Fraud Detection, Investment Risk Management / Quantitative Analytics, and Regulatory Mapping.

In addition, a Fintech map, which is published every months, was released. It comprised of 207 Fintech startups which are developing solutions in the following fields: Crowdfunding, Crypto, Data Driven Insights, Insurance, Investing and Asset Management, Market Information and Advisory Portal, Payment, among others. These startups have been established less than ten years ago, are located in Switzerland, they focus on business model innovations and new technologies in the financial sector, and have not yet reached the target degree of maturity.

We're going to San Francisco (and gonna meet some gentle people there)

Hosted by swissnex San Francisco and sponsored by the CTI Market Validation program we are going to establish collaborations with next generation video production companies and developers of intelligent video devices.

swissnex San Francisco is part of a global network with nodes in the world’s most innovative hubs—Bangalore, Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro—where the future is being shaped. In San Francisco, we have over a decade of experience connecting Switzerland and North America through knowledge sharing.

swissnex is an initiative of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), managed in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs. In San Francisco, swissnex is an annex of the Consulate General of Switzerland. A public-private venture, vital financial support is provided by partners, sponsors, and donors sharing swissnex San Francisco’s commitment to connecting the dots.

What They Do

swissnex San Francisco prepares academic, business, and creative clients for the world of tomorrow by bringing people and ideas together. A platform for exchange around topics in science, education, art, and innovation, we highlight the best of Swiss and North American ingenuity and create opportunities for networking among our diverse group of professional contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and beyond.

At Pier 17 in San Francisco, swissnex is applying open innovation first hand by curating a community of university, startup, and corporate residents including: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Logitech, Nestlé, Pro Helvetia, Swisscom, Swiss Re, University of Geneva, View, and Vitra. swissnex not only embeds resident teams, but also links innovative partner products and technologies to accelerate Swiss startup and design projects in collaboration with InnoSuisse and Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne.

What They Offer

Creativity and curiosity are in our genes. In all that we do, we offer an open and collaborative approach, a global outlook and local expertise, and a commitment to being interdisciplinary and experimental. Working with swissnex San Francisco puts you on a path to: connect→explore→collaborate→transform.

We have targeted services depending on needs, but offerings include:

  • Trend Scouting
  • Co-working and Residencies
  • Startup Acceleration
  • Events & Exhibits
  • Study Tours
  • Consulting and benchmarking
  • Visibility
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Introductions

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We have been invited to present RoboDoP at the Hannover Messe

Die Hannover Messe ist die weltweit bedeutendste branchenübergreifende Plattform für Innovationen entlang der industriellen Wertschöpfungskette. Sie bündelt mit 7 internationalen Leitmessen, darunter die INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, ein einzigartiges Spektrum an Schlüsseltechnologien der Industrie.

Der Markt:
Zulieferer leisten mit grosser Spezialisierung und Flexibilität wichtige Beiträge zur Innovationskraft ihrer Kunden aus der Industrie. Dabei sind die von Zulieferern gefertigten Werkstücke massgeblich für die Qualität und Fertigung aller folgenden Endprodukte. Schweizer Produzenten mit ihren hochwertigen Erzeugnissen sind dafür bestens positioniert. Die Industrial Supply überzeugt mit grosser Internationalität und nachweislich hoher Besucherqualität. Aussteller, Fachbesucher und Investoren aus allen Kontinenten kommen mit konkreten Investitionsabsichten nach Hannover. Das macht diese Leitmesse zum mit Abstand wichtigsten Global-Sourcing-Event der Branche.

Facts & Figures:
Kennzahlen HANNOVER MESSE 2015 (vergleichbares Messeprofil) – Aussteller: 6‘500 Aussteller aus 70 Ländern, davon INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY 1‘600 – Fachbesucher: 217‘000, davon INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY 65‘400 – Nettofläche: 230‘000 m2, davon INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY 31‘530 m2 – Turnus: jährlich (Messeprofil variiert im 2 Jahres-Turnus).

Produkte / Sektoren:
Werkstoff-/Technologie-Know-how: Stahl, Metall, NE-Metalle, Gummi, Kunststoff, Keramik, Verbundwerkstoffe, Sonderwerkstoffe, Hybridwerkstoffe
Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Verfahren: Spanlose Fertigung, Giessen, Massivumformung, Blechumformung, Spanabhebende Fertigung, Fügetechnik, Materialbehandlung, Engineering, Konstruktion, Industrie-Dienstleistungen
Teile, Komponenten, Systeme: Halbzeuge, Systemzulieferung und Baugruppen, Zwischen- und Fertigprodukte

We were selected by MAXON Motors for their Start-Up Programme

The drive specialist maxon motor has created the Young Engineers Program to work more closely with schools and start-ups. Their innovative projects benefit from discounted drives and expert consulting.

Starting something new is always difficult. This is particularly true for engineers who are trying to get a project off the ground. Often they have creative ideas, but not the necessary equipment or funding. This is why the Swiss drive specialist maxon motor has launched its Young Engineers Program (YEP), which supports innovative projects that use electric drive systems.

Participants in the program have access to numerous benefits, including: receiving DC motors, gearheads, and controllers from maxon at reduced prices or even free of charge. Additionally, maxon’s experts support them with technical know-how; and last but not least, the team projects are presented to a wider audience via maxon’s various communication channels (website, social media, and driven the maxon motor magazine).

Anyone who is interested in the Young Engineers Program can find all of the information on the website, simply fill out the online form to apply for a place on the YEP. A group of experts from maxon motor will evaluate all the project details provided and decide whether the project will receive support and in what form. On, engineers can also find out about other YEP projects. The website includes case studies that describe different applications for maxon products and blogs written by maxon experts about drive technology and the latest trends in the field.

Not only engineers and technicians can take part in the YEP. Event organizers can also apply to maxon using the online form. Those who are accepted into the program will also benefit from their event being promoted on the maxon communication channels.

We did it again! CHF 20.000 for a solid business case

Venture Kick Stage 2: CHF 20.000 for a solid business case (non repayable grant)

Stage 2: During the next 3 months, you will have the time to structure your business idea, target initial customers and strategic partners, collect feedback and work out a convincing investor presentation. You will then present your project again to a panel of experts. 2 out of 4 presented startups will pass this second stage and win CHF 20.000 each, another 50% chance!



We have been elected! 26 Swiss startups with huge opportunity!

The IMD team in collaboration with CTI, investiere, MassChallenge Switzerland and Venture Kick has selected 26 startups from 135 candidates for the 19th IMD Startup competition. 15 will work with fulltime MBAs and 11 will collaborate with IMD’s EMBAs and travel to Silicon Valley.

“This year 135 ventures applied to the IMD startup competition, the most we ever had. This made the triage very difficult, especially because at least half of the files we reviewed were of extremely high quality and a good fit with the our programs”, says Jim Pulcrano and Benoit Leleux, Member of the EMBA Teaching Team at IMD business school. A few venture leaders and TOP100 startups are nominated.


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