A whole camera department

Bungito is a semi-autonomous robotic camera tailored for on-the-go dynamic shots. It features the world’s most accurate stabilizer and it’s the first production quality camera analyzing videos in real-time to make suggestions for framing, focusing and storytelling. With Bungito every single camera operator can achieve the work of a whole camera team. Get ahold of it first through our pre-order campaign.

Smart Assistant

The camera is designed to take care of object focusing, framing and tracking tasks while you are concentrated on movement and storytelling angles. Awesome dynamic shots can finally be made by a single operator with shallow Depth-of-Field.

Remote control

Interfacing Bungito can be done via any Wifi enabled smart device. Take full control of the unit and enjoy lag-free streaming from up to 20meters away.


Under 1kg in weight, packing a 20MP 4/3” inch sensor, Bungito is the world’s lightest vision intelligent stabilized camera with more than 5 hours of battery life.

Editing Metadata

Along with every shot video, Bungito delivers a file with metadata information for every frame. Use it to pre-process videos and extract useful information in less time.

Open source

Bungito is the world’s first production quality camera with a fully open software architecture allowing you to take control of its advanced GPU, stabilizer and interface design to create customized solutions.

Quick Handle

Multiple ways to hold and mount Bungito make it an ideal solution for versatile use. Designed based on user feedback from professional cinematographers, it focuses on efficiency ease of use.


Get ahold of it first through our pre-order campaign.