Every Quarter Swisscom publishes a market overview of different startups in the fields of Regtech, Fintech, and now for the first time, Artificial intelligence (AI). 100 Swiss AI startups have been identified on the map.

In their Q4 release, Swisscom has presented a market overview of 100 artificial intelligence startups categorised into 13 categories. These included; AdTech, Sales & CRM, Agriculture, Business Intelligence, FinTech & InsurTech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Image Recognition, LegalTech, Machine Intelligence, Mobility, Robotics, Security, Speech Recognition and Virtual Assistants/Chatbots.

To be placed on the AI map, startups must meet the following Criteria; the startup must have been founded within the last seven years with its headquarters in Switzerland, it must focus on disruptive technological or service innovations with a clear focus on artificial intelligence, and must have a scalable business model.

The startups on the map are as presented the map include:

Swisscom AI startup Map

Prior to the release of the AI map, Swisscom released a map comprising of 22 RegTech startups in the field of: Authentication, AML / KYC, Background Check, Crossborder & Tax Solutions, Enterprise Risk Management / Fraud Detection, Investment Risk Management / Quantitative Analytics, and Regulatory Mapping.

In addition, a Fintech map, which is published every months, was released. It comprised of 207 Fintech startups which are developing solutions in the following fields: Crowdfunding, Crypto, Data Driven Insights, Insurance, Investing and Asset Management, Market Information and Advisory Portal, Payment, among others. These startups have been established less than ten years ago, are located in Switzerland, they focus on business model innovations and new technologies in the financial sector, and have not yet reached the target degree of maturity.